Creating Brand Value Through Design

I’m Rob Heasley and I create brand value through design.
I do this through my diverse skillset including UX, UI, Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics,  Photography and Design Leadership.

Feb 2022 – Present

I'm currently a UI Motion Design Consultant at a T1 Investment Bank.

Responsible for creating and implementing the motion design language, motion design system, micro-interactions, illustrations and animations to help create delightful customer experiences for web and mobile banking products.

I’m using motion design to contribute to the user experience in 3 ways:
Delighting users by turning a functional experience into a memorable interaction, educating users by providing context and information without requiring action such as additional clicks and helping focus users by capturing attention and highlighting important pieces of data or key UI elements.

Feb 2017 – Dec 2021

Head of Design - Pizza Hut Digital Ventures

User Experience & User Interface Design

Providing meaningful and relevant experiences to users.

Graphic Design

Visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, photography, iconography and illustration.

Photography & Art Direction

Presenting our products in the best possible photographic representation.

Motion Graphics & Animation

Combined with audio to create high-impact projects.

In Pizza We Trust

I was one of the very first hires at the start of building an internal team within Pizza Hut. From working on the initial wireframes of the e-comm journey, prototyping & launching it in the UK and rolling it out into 14 markets with offices in London, Vietnam and Dallas. In the role I have been very hands on, wearing many hats and using a variety of my skills including: UX, UI, Photography, Motion Graphics, Illustration and Animation. 

We were responsible for the web & mobile journeys of Pizza Hut globally.

June 2001 – April 2016

Previously in Agency World

Before moving client-side to Pizza Hut Digital Ventures I was the founding partner of London based digital agency Naked Penguin Boy Ltd.

I was with the company for 16 years, our clients included Dreamworks, Paramount, Cartoon Network, Ladbrokes & Microsoft.

We were also a partner agency to Saatchi, Sapient, BBH, Ogylvy and many others.

I have several years design experience, and I’m a natural problem solver, with an empathetic understanding of user needs.


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Sharing my thoughts & design experiences on Instagram

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