Blockchain Startup – Building a Brand

I joined Project Nexus as the Design Director to create a brand and digital experience with an authentic and empathetic perspective on the fintech industry.

This was a great opportunity for me to play a very hands-on role defining the design direction of the early stage start up.

Project Nexus is an all-in-one investment solution for Crypto, Real-Estate and Stocks.

We were a fully remote team spread across UK, Germany, Vietnam, Pakistan & Iran with the head office in Dubai.


Digital Transformation


Project Nexus.App

My Role

Design Director
UI/UX App Design, Responsive Web Design, Branding, Social Media, OOH Ads, Illustration Systems, Pitch/Presentation Decks & Motion Graphics.
Building and mentoring a team of multi-disciplinary designers and copywriters.


Brand Identity & Website

The original brand identity was a Frankenstein of designers work from previous months. The website had a poor user experience, inconsistent branding with limited information causing frustration and confusion for customers while navigating the site.

I started by creating a new brand identity, modern geometric fonts, fresh colour pallet and a new illustration style which was easily recognisable and set them apart from the competition.

Clear navigation, fresh branding and well presented content –  we were able to demonstrate the companies expertise and build credibility within the industry.

project nexus app mosaik
rob heasley project nexus app
rob heasley project nexus app
project nexus app mosaik
project nexus app mosaik
project nexus app mosaik
project nexus app mosaik

Motion Design Language

I defined and documented the Motion Design System, with After Effects and Figma templates for designers, Motion Tokens for engineers & Confluence documentation and reference videos for the wider team.

A well defined Motion Design Language connects brand values to a like-minded audience, allowing us to forge deeper emotional connections.

Creating Motion Principles and Guidelines which match your brands personality – make more cohesive and consistent product decisions going forward.

Values – How we as a brand approach motion design.
Principles – A set of principles to guide the team in creating consistent, on-brand animations.

Benefits for the business:
The Motion Design System will create repeatability in motion-patterns, time savings with motion-tokens for engineers and ux consistencies throughout the customer journey.

Benefits for our customers:
Motion with purpose helps customers navigate our products, tells a better brand story and can create deeper emotional connections.


App Walk Through

I created this video in After Effects & it was used as an app overview to entice potential investors.


Marketing & Digital Creative Guidelines

I set the brand design direction, ran workshops to define the content pillars and themes, then created the Social Media and Digital Creative Guidelines brand book.

For Static Marketing Content, I built a Design System in Figma for creating Social Assets with components & variants which allowed my team to scale with speed and consistency.

For Video Marketing Content, I created responsive After Effects templates with custom-presets for animated text. I also defined motion-tokens so we could have consistent brand animations, intros & outros.

I lead all creation and delivery of dynamic creative design work from conception through to production. Collaborating with internal teams & external Marketing & PR companies – researching, brainstorming and creating new marketing concepts across social, websites, display ads, email marketing, video, print, event branding and promotional material.

I was the brand guardian ensuring all creative production was on-brand, on-brief and meeting accessibility standards.


Outdoor Advertising

These were concepts I created based on the core business proposition where customers were able to invest in tokenised real-estate for as low as £5.


Pitch & Presentation Decks

Working closely with the founders I created pitch decks, printed brochures & promo videos.



I created the initial illustration style, then hired and managed 2 freelance illustrators to continue building out the library of artwork.


UX / UI Product Design

I created these initial flows and UI before expanding the team & hiring a senior product designer.